Company Introduction

Founded in 1973, Rich Resource originated from a Taiwanese family business making beancurd sheets. Since its establishment, Rich Resource has been focusing on food safety monitoring, hazard analysis in food production, and manufacturing process traceability management. With joint effort made by all staff and affiliated entities, Rich Resource passed ISO 22000: 2005 certification and HACCP food safety certification.

Over the past 40 years, Rich Resource is governed by honesty and kindness as the founder of Rich Resource firmly abides by such integrity. From making traditionally hand-made soy milk to automated production, the company condenses the best nutritional essence of soybeans in each beancurd sheet, pioneering in the industry of traditional Taiwanese soy-based foods.

Having received immense recognition domestically, Rich Resource’s products are also now available in the United States, Australia and several European countries. Based on the notion of environmental protection and operation safety, Rich Resource continues to seek innovation in product development, offering our customers even higher quality products in gratitude.

Company Philosophy
Food production ought to be based on good conscience

Food is necessary to people to survive. We insist on doing only the right thing, making foods that are safe, sanitary, high quality and environmental friendly. We will always strive to enhance the quality of our products and increase customer satisfaction. This is our calling and our dedicated mission, and it is also our principal to sustainable development.

Environment Hygiene

Rich Resource never ceases to stop seeking for improvements. In 2013, a full-scale production area optimization was in place. Separate storage capacity in three temperature zones—ambient, cooler and frozen were established. In addition, environmental issues like air pollution and wastewater treatment have also been addressed. Production line staff wears standard workwear in compliance with food safety regulations. From food ingredient selection, handling, production, processing, quality inspection, packaging to delivery, safety in every single process is ensured. The production area is thoroughly cleansed and sterilized on a daily basis to ensure good hygiene. Evidently, we are the best soy-based food company of your choice.

Food Safety

Our rigorous production procedure and comprehensive quality control mechanism strictly abides by food regulations. Our products are subjected to irregular sampling inspection internally and regular SGS product testing. We have also passed ISO22000:2005 international certification and HACCP food safety certification. We are dedicated to providing the public with high quality, safe and environmental friendly food products while enhancing added value for customers to enjoy good health with quality foods.

Company History
  • Rich Resource Vegetarian Food Product Corporation established (Mainly offered vegetarian food ingredients, professional frying service and frozen food delivery service)
  • Food product factory established (Purchased manual beancurd sheet frying machine, manual beancurd stripe frying machine, automated beancurd sheet wrap frying machine for professional manufacturing)
  • Took part in China Productivity Center’s quality control enhancement project in order to obtain ISO22000:2005 certification
  • Established a second plant in compliance with GHP standards (Purchased automated stainless beancurd stripe frying machine, automated stainless beancurd sheet wrap frying machine and automated stainless beancurd sheet frying machine to replace dated equipments)
  • Rich Resource Food Co. Ltd. established
  • Passed ISO22000:2005 certification and HACCP food safety certification
  • 2017 Awarded the Taiwan Golden Prize (Awarded the honor with government entity recognition)
  • Once again passed ISO22000:2005 certification and HACCP food safety certification
Vision and Prospect

Since establishment, Rich Resource has maintained a constantly growing development backed by profitable records. We guarantee that we are a prime food company that always strives for improvement and sustainable development.

From food ingredient selection, production, processing, packaging to delivery, each procedure is carried out under a set of strict quality control standards.
Our team proactively engage in innovative and advance product development to cater to market demand as well as the evolving tastes of modern consumers.
We stand in our customers’ shoes and offer high quality, healthy and delicious choices that are safe, fresh and appetizing. Meanwhile, we also strive to increase our market share and reach higher customer satisfaction.

The beancurd food industry is still largely dominated by a conventional mindset. Rich Resource seeks to break the convention, considering our business a technology company.
Our short term goal is to focus on product development, mid term goal is to further reach out to the global market, and the ultimate goal is to become the world’s first-class food processing company.


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